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Relying on professionals for the management of short and long-term rental of your property is the choice that allows you to maximize your income. Domus Rely guarantees, both in the case of long and short-term rentals, advantageous conditions, maximum transparency and profound professionalism given by experience in the sector. Find out more



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Are you looking for a home? Talk to Domus Rely! Different solutions, in different areas of Italy and abroad, to meet different needs. Whether it's an apartment in Dubai or Milan, for a more or less prolonged time, Domus Rely helps you find the most suitable solution. Find out more

Domus Rely, real estate management company. Don’t worry, Domus Rely will take care of management of your rental!

Real estate property management and rental management has undergone a radical change with the digitization and market entry of players such as Airbnb. The meeting between supply and demand is much more immediate and the opportunities for both those who rent their accommodation to others and those who rent it have definitely increased. Such a radical change brought with it, together with the numerous opportunities, numerous questions: what is the right pricing for my apartment? Who can I trust? Can I trust that the person to whom I rent my apartment is honest and solvent?

The real estate management company Domus Rely was born and developed day after day throughout the Italian and in the United Arab Emirates territory in order to respond to these doubts and act as an intermediary between those who want to rent their accommodation and those looking for one. The advantages of relying on professionals in the sector range go from a cheaper sublease than the average price, to low royalties up to rental guarantees, with the aim of fully protecting both owners and tenants.

Our mission

Domus Rely's mission is to provide security and to transparently guarantee the best real estate rental service. The protection of our customers is always in the first place and this vision has allowed the company to operate with special guarantees that consent to increase the profitability of the properties that are rented protected in any case by Domus Rely.

The idea is to create a property management company for short and long-term rentals through the logic of subletting (only for long term) and royalties on revenues (only for short term) in which property owners decide on the one hand to sublet their property in the case of long-term rentals with a sublease (rent) price that will be the highest of the average area price depending also on property state (properties larger than 60 square meters), while on the other side to rely your property for short-term rentals  in which the management company will ask only 10% royalty on the revenues plus the cleaning costs for each booking (it should be emphasized that the revenues from the bookings will always go directly to the owner's account and an invoice will be issued at the end of the month with the management costs that the owner will pay by the 10th of each month). The major benefits that the following company wants to offer are:

  • convenient sub-letting with the highest prices of the area's average market price
  • lower royalties than other market competitors (only 10%)
  • experience in the short-term and long-term rental sector with several examples on Salerno (three properties, two of which are short-term) and Milan (three properties, all rented for short term)
  • coverage throughout the national territory even in small provincial towns

Who we are

We are a young company with experience in the field of short and long-term rentals born in 2018 with the intent of expanding on the Italian territory and abroad.


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