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Entrust us with the management of your apartments thoughtless

With Domus Rely you can entrust us with the rental management of your accommodation for short or long term.

  • in the case of short-term rentals, the management company will only ask for a 10% royalty on the revenues plus the cleaning costs for each booking (the revenues from the bookings will always go directly to the owner's bank account and at the end of the month an invoice will be issued for the royalty that the owner has to pay by the 10th of each month).
  • In the case of long-term rentals, the owners are expected to sub-let their properties with a rental price that will be higher than the average area price at that time, according also on the actual property internal condition; it will also be given the opportunity to carry out renovating work at the company‚Äôs expense, but in this case there will be a decrease in the subletting fee and a minimum period of 4 years of sublease (penalties in the event of early withdrawal equal to the costs incurred plus an increase of 50% for future lost revenues)

  • lower royalties than other competitors (only 10%);
  • experience in the short and long-term rental sector with different apartments in Dubai, Milan and Salerno;
  • coverage throughout the national territory with presence also abroad;
  • convenient sub-lease with prices higher than the average market price in the area;
  • continuous interaction with the owners in which there will always be a person available 7 days a week for any problem;
  • monthly reporting system in which are indicated the generated revenues and how the royalty is calculated with estimated revenues for future months;
  • maintenance works that the company will take care of but the costs will be covered by the owner.

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